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ZİN D Yatırım ve Yönetim Geliştirme A.Ş.'s concept of doing business is based on the concept of the projects to be produced with the consciousness of investment development based on the concepts of efficiency, quality and manageability in every situation and sharing the values which are to be produced with an approach of Ethics, Aesthetics and Logic, and surpassing the expectations of those who trust us.

The activity of our company is to develop medium-sized business center and residential projects, to manage all the processes from the land stage to the sale or lease including design, project design, constructing. In addition, projects suitable for the purpose of use are developed and presented to the buyer or tenant candidates, then a preliminary agreement is made and the construction is carried out.

Our basic goal is to produce liquid and productive results for real estate investments, which we consider to be the most important investment instrument in short term, and middle and long term, in general, with the value and sales ability above expectations of our customers and investors by producing values, by using our Management Capability which we have gained as a result of our knowledge and experience as a company.

A significant portion of our company's investments are in the Çekmeköy, Sancaktepe, Pendik, Kartal, Ümraniye and surrounding districts of Istanbul which develop rapidly in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, where we closely follow the development process and know well about its potential and customer demands

In addition, with the short and medium term residence rental system which is the concept of 'ZİN D HOME' which we have developed by creating a new business model with short, medium and long term rentals, we aim to provide the best service to the customers by prioritizing the quality-value relationship while taking the interests above the expectations of the investors who trust us.

Our company, which has experience of about 40 projects which have been realized with the knowledge and experience of our members of the Board of Directors who have been senior executives of Turkey’s leading companies for many years, continues to create projects, each more privileged than the other.

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